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We recommend, manage and grow


Musang King production can be commercialized and industrialized. At YES, we sincerely provide customers with professional orchard management and scientific planting techniques to improve economic efficiency and achieve higher expected return on investment in their orchard ventures.


We understand deeply that Musang King durian trees are perennial crops that will continue to grow for many years once they are planted. Therefore, planting Musang King durian trees requires prudent planning to not only preserve the fruits and protect the trees, but also to conserve the land. YES vows to balance the customer’s current interests with long-term benefits through the culture of proper orchard management practices.

Mission & Core Values

* We believe that every tree has its own story and each bear unique fruits that should be treated with care and respect.

* We aim to improve economic efficiency, increase fruit yield, and benefit customers in their orchard ventures.

* We adamantly refuse the use of banned pesticides in our orchard management practices and adhere only to the use of non-toxic or organic fertilizers.

Corporate Responsibility

* We aim to assist the inheritance of scientific and planting techniques for farmers of all ages and backgrounds.

* We advocate in proper, specialized orchard management techniques and aim to improve and spread the economic benefits of farming to all.

* We aim to enhance the yield from orchards, and at the same time strive for the protection of ecological balance and promote a sustainable environment that can be self-generated or regenerated.

Our Service

1) Orchard selection

2) Land use planning

3) Planting design

4) Ecological engineering

5) Drainage irrigation

6) Soil and water conservation

7) Rotation and intercropping

8) Product certification

9) Orchard leisure eco tour

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