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Mission & Vision

YES is primarily led by a team of professional orchard managers and durian enthusiasts comprised of a professional durian grower, an experienced entrepreneur, and three young, aspiring orchard managers with blue collar roots overseas.


At YES, we inspire to promote “Raub Musang King” durian, which has become a world-renowned brand and breed among durian enthusiasts, to the rest of the world. YES is also committed in developing the scientific skill sets necessary for durian growers and orchard owners to develop, excel and enjoy economies of scale in orchard management.


Our vision is to foster an environment that nurtures proper orchard management practices among Malaysian farmers with the ultimate goal of advancing the name and fame of Malaysian agriculture products, especially Raub Musang King durian.  

Mr. Bowie Liang & management team

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Our Story

Raub Musang King Durian Legendary

From the Media


Lindsay, Blogger - Year Of The Durian

Yes! Orchard: A Raub Durian Cafe & Farmstay

If you’re reading this blog, you’d probably say hellz Yes! to 25-year-old Musang King durian, right?

Yes orchard is a brand new durian farmstay and durian cafe in Sungai Klau, a tiny town about 30 minutes driving east of Raub Town, Malaysia. They’re opening for their first full season this coming May, 2019, with a full durian menu and, of course, their giant-sized Musang King durian.


Leeli Chiam - Durian Lover

5-star original ecological building and durian orchard

The 5-star ecological building and durian orchard at YES Orchard will benefit lovers of nature forest activities. At Yes Orchard, you can find a place to stay away from the hustle and bustle.
The orchard offers a lot of original durian-based desserts and dishes that will surely make you drool.
The waiters here are cordial and polite, making you feel at home. We came and stayed with a lot of laughter and memories with family, colleagues and customers.

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